The Sphere beta is here!

Just in time for the start of 2017, we’ve begun rolling out the beta version of Sphere, a new personal relationship manager for building a stronger network.

I’ve personally been using Sphere over the last couple of months to catch up with friends, family and keep in touch with new connections.

While we will show you a few interesting use cases of Sphere later on, we’re pretty pumped to highlight some of the cool new features we have ready for the beta.

Import contacts into your Sphere directly from Gmail

When curating your circle, you have the option to add up to 30 of your email contacts who will live as interactive faces in your Sphere. You can add notes and tags to your connections in order to remember the important stuff.

Simple features to stay on top of your relationships

You can easily check in with a connection with a single tap, or schedule a hangout with that person by integrating with your Google calendar and even sending them an invite, all from your Sphere canvas. All your interactions can be tracked by you and seen at a glance anytime.

Flexible contact management

You can easily set how frequency you’d like Sphere to remind you to touch base with a connection, and you can set reminders for yourself in case there was something you wanted to do for a connection without forgetting. Sphere will make sure you never let someone slip through the cracks or forget to follow through.

Try the beta and give us your feedback! Sign up here!

2 replies on “The Sphere beta is here!

  • Ross

    I’ve been looking for a personal CRM just like this for such a long time, but I am disappointed by the contacts limit. For me, I want to nurture relationships with my friends as well as with professional contact who I might not contact more than 1x a year. But there are enough of these that I can’t use Sphere if it has a limit. Do you have any plans to change this at all?


    • roman

      Hi Ross

      Have you exceeded the contact limit? We’re always adjusting the app, so more than happy to increase that for you to whatever you feel is appropriate.


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