A visual way to develop your relationships

For years I’ve struggled staying in touch with people and expanding my social circle.

I tried calendar reminders, lists, even scribbling notes on business cards. Following up felt awkward. Going to events where I didn’t know anyone was stressful.

Finally I built a tool I’ve always wanted to have for my personal life.

Sphere is a tool for building an amazing personal network and improving your social skills.

I spent a lot of time thinking how to introduce this new tool because the world is filled with “social” apps that promise some form of happiness. But I think we’ve gotten too tech-social.

Too many friend lists, too many followers, too many business contacts & CRMS, and not enough real relationships.

The mental well-being space has been growing and countless studies have been saying the same thing: Adding more is making us miserable and lonely.

We are now experiencing a fallout from social media, where adding more friends and connections is meaningless. And there’s a group of us who are craving something with more depth.

The problem is partially with how effective modern tools got at collecting and categorizing people.

When MySpace was new, getting a friend request was exciting.

Now adding that 1000th Facebook friend you met at a party means nothing.

Sphere is for a new approach: The ability to visually organize only a limited amount of friends into a living, evolving cluster of faces. A visual CRM for your life, if you will. A fluid Sphere that evolves with your actions and changes over time.

We’ve turned the responsibility of managing important relationships into an effortless process that’s fun and rewarding, yet still human. Because as Gary Vaynerchuk says: You can’t automate intimacy.

The problem

We don’t remember names of people in a list or spreadsheet. The human brain evolved to remember faces.

Sphere lets you curate contacts from social networks into an intimate circle of people. You can then choose to nurture those contacts and organically turn casual acquaintances into friends.

For the non-extroverted amongst us, this makes the process feel more like a sim-game and less like a chore, thanks to automated actions, reminders and integrations.

The more you engage with contacts, the more they naturally gravitate to the center of your Sphere. Ignore them, and they eventually drift away, presumably into a social black hole somewhere.

Populating your Sphere

On top helping you keep track of your real-life connections, Sphere will challenge you to build comfort in various social situations. Meet new people via carefully designed challenges that can turn mundane daily interactions into opportunities to expand your comfort zone and track your social progress.

To sum up, Sphere makes it effortless to transform a life of missed opportunities into awesome experiences with friends, peers, mentors and partners.

This blog is a place where I want to share my thoughts behind the motivation to build Sphere and how you can use this tool to take advantage of day-to-day moments in your life.

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions in the comments. If you like the concept and want to try Sphere out, I’d be happy to send you an invite link here!

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